Smallmouth Bass

Smallmouth Bass

With a reputation as a big fighter, smallmouth bass live in many bodies of water in Ontario. Compared to largemouth bass, smallmouths, or ‘smallies,’ live in clearer water, both still and moving.

The smallmouth bass is especially particular about the waters it inhabits; clear, unpolluted water is preferable. While more easily seen in northern Ontario, smallmouth have been known to live as far south as Lake Ontario. Stocked smallmouth bass also call cooler lakes and rivers home within the province.

Similar to largemouth bass, smallies can be reeled in many different ways. Spin or bait casting, live bait, soft plastics, inline spinners, spinner or crankbaits are all proven ways to fish for smallmouth bass. These fish are usually found in rocky parts with gravel runout, or in cold, clear waters, shaded by rocks or trees.

Smallmouth bass average 1 to 2 pounds, with the Ontario record weighing in at 9.8 pounds.


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